To protect the people of Florida from the dangers of Tobacco.

Help Your Patients Quit Smoking

The facts are in and you are one of the most effective quit smoking resources available! Health care providers who help patients quit smoking greatly increase the likelihood that your patients will achieve long-term success. 1 2 More than two-thirds of smokers see a physician each year, and almost one-third see a dentist.3 Patient visits present many opportunities for interventions and professional cessation guidance.

If your patients are ready to take the next step in quitting, refer them to Florida’s free and evidence-based resources. Your patients can call the state quitline, use a web-based program, or attend in-person counseling services and they may receive free FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy. Below are referral resources.

The 5A’s for Conducting Brief Interventions

The 5A’s for Conducting Brief Interventions


Identify and document tobacco use status for every patient at every visit.


In a clear and personalized manner, urge every tobacco user to quit.


Is the tobacco user willing to make a quit attempt at this time?


For the patient willing to make a quit attempt, offer medication and provide or refer for counseling or additional treatment to help the patient quit.


Schedule follow-up contacts, beginning within the first week after the quit date.

Refer Your Patients

Quitting smoking is hard, but having professional support can make it easier. A number of referral resources exist in Florida to support you and your patients, including:

  • Ask them if you can refer them directly to Tobacco Free Florida to help. If they say yes, download and complete the fax referral form located here and below and fax it to: 1-866-688-7577. Once they are in the system, we can follow up with them—and you—and help them overcome their nicotine addiction as a team.
  • Or write down Tobacco Free Florida’s website, and phone number on a paper or prescription pad: 1-877-U-CAN-NOW (1-877-822-6669).
  • Provide them with a Tobacco Free Florida information card, which can be downloaded here and provides information about the program’s three free and evidence-based resources.
  • You can also provide them with a Quit Kit, which offers tips on how to get started at quitting, common smoking triggers and symptoms and ways to overcome them, as well information about Tobacco Free Florida’s free resources. Or direct them to, where they can access, download and print the Quit Kit.
Quit Tips

1 Association of American Medical Colleges. Physician Behavior and Practice Patterns Related to Smoking Cessation. A Report Prepared for the American Legacy Foundation. 2007.