To protect the people of Florida from the dangers of Tobacco.

Helping Patients Overcome Withdrawal

Quitting smoking can be a long and emotional process for your patients. If one of your patients chooses to quit smoking, be sure to let them know of the possible withdrawal symptoms they may experience – like irritability, hunger and dizziness – and how to adequately and successfully deal with them.

While they may be aware of the health consequences of smoking and the damage their secondhand smoke can do to others, they may not be prepared for the physical and emotional changes of quitting. The struggle with nicotine addiction and “letting go” of smoking is due to the fact that smoking is also behavioral and closely linked to their daily activities. It may even serve as a coping mechanism or stress reliever to some.

The combination of physical and psychological strain that quitting smoking presents for patients is best met by providing guidance and encouragement to facilitate a successful quit attempt.

The Tobacco Free Florida Quit Kit provides useful resources you can review with and provide to your patients. Within the Quit Kit, patients will find information on triggers, quit tips, specific symptoms and coping methods – all of which can help prepare your patients for their quit journey. For more information, check out the Quit Kit.

Remember, many of the “symptoms” your patients will experience will also be good ones! Be sure to point out the immediate positive changes associated with quitting smoking.